Understanding and educating about how that which exists (divinity) is described and worshipped in Hindu religion, engaging with groups willing to discuss their religion or point of view openly, and promoting community relationships, leading to respect for all is the goal of Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center’s (CMWRC) outreach and interfaith efforts.

Updated CMWRC Program Offerings

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Speakers for School and Interfaith activities

Chinmaya Mission nationwide has partnered with Hindu American Foundation in the Dharma Ambassador program. This program provides training for presenting Hindu religion authentically, within the bounds of First Amendment, and in a non-denominational manner.

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Useful resources

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A forum for people interested in studying Hindu religion deeply is:

Memberships in DC metro area organizations and committees

United Hindu Jain temples

United Hindu Jain temples (UHJT) is a coalition of a large number of Hindu and Jain temples in the DC metro area. It organizes Diwali Mela annually.CMWRC is an active participant in the coalition.

Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington

CMWRC is a member of Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC) through its membership in UHJT.

Washington Interfaith Response and Outreach Coalition

WIROC at IFC is a regional initiative designed to complement local initiatives for providing rapid-response to hate crimes and to avoid such crimes in the future through educational efforts aimed at reducing religious ignorance. CMWRC is among the founding members of this initiative.

Faith committee working group (Education subcommittee)

Montgomery County Public School system has a Faith committee working group (FCWG). Education subcommittee of FCWG has members from several faiths working to enhance quality of religious education, assure respect for all religious traditions and secure an environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment. Hindu representative on this committee is a member of CMWRC.

Howard County Board of Education Elementary Social Studies Advisory Board

Members of CMWRC serve on the Howard County Board of Education Elementary Social Studies Advisory Board whose scope includes both educational reforms and anti-bullying initiatives.

Recent Activities

Justice for Juniors

Justice for Juniors program and its wing at University of Maryland is utilizing services of several CMWRC members in an on-going fashion, including visits to DC juvenile correctional facilities.

Advocating for Diwali Holiday

Howard and Montgomery county school board hearings had participation from several Hindu members of the region, including CMWRC members, advocating for declaring Diwali festival a holiday. These efforts gave desired result in Howard County.

Training for Educators

Teacher training conducted in DC metro area, including at Chinmayam, led to the nation’s first district level religious literacy course for educators. Quote from Chritopher E. Murray Jr, NBCT, Walter Johnson High School “Early in my career teaching about Hinduism in Montgomery County Public Schools I felt lost and confused with the many narratives I found in textbooks and online. Luckily I found that the county has a robust and supportive Hindu community who opened their doors and shared their beliefs, customs, and common misconceptions. Over the past five years these “Dharma Ambassadors” from the Chinmayam Mission have led close to a dozen trainings for teachers and counselors in MCPS. Their hospitality and partnership with the Sikh community (Sikh Kid 2 Kid) planted the seed for what would become the nation’s first district level religious literacy course for educators. The Chinmayam Mission represents the very best in interfaith collaboration for the promotion of a pluralistic society. Each time a new core of educators gets the opportunity to learn about the rich and diverse community of Hindus you see misconceptions melt away and a truer representation of the world’s 3rd largest religion gained.

Most recent training conducted at Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center in the last one year were on October 26,2017 and Feb 15, 2018 [picture].

Youth Activities

Activities undertaken by the Youth wing of CMWRC are described here

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