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Chinmaya Mission programs are for family participation. Family extends beyond the people who dwell under one roof. Family includes grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, both here in the US and in India. Language classes are offered at the Chinmaya Frederick chapter for children enrolled in the Bala Vihar program. The language class curriculum is designed to enable children to communicate with members of their extended family, particularly elders, in their native language, and thereby develop stronger bonds with them.

The primary emphasis in the language classes offered is on spoken language. At the basic level, children are taught simple words – words used in daily life, words about family relations, classic rhymes, poems and games with languages. As children learn the basic words, they are introduced to reading and writing alphabets and scripts. Once they are comfortable with alphabets they move on to compound letters, word formation and reading simple sentences. As children master the basics, they are introduced to the cultural significance of the language and the geography of the region where it is used.

For each language, children are grouped into classes on the bases of language proficiency and age, while maintaining class size at an optimum level. Active participation of children in the class is encouraged to foster learning; parents are requested to assist as needed. Children are assessed for progress through tests, and promoted to intermediate or advanced classes as appropriate and available.

Currently, Hindi and Telugu classes are offered for Bala Vihar children at the Chinmaya Frederick chapter. The minimum grade level for children to enroll in languages classes is KG.