Shloka Class


chinmaya_omFrederick SHLOKA CLASS

Advanced Shloka Class Timings:

3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

‘Shloka’ is a Sanskrit word which means a prayerful verse written according to certain grammatical rules. ‘Stotrams’ are shlokas of multiple verses, with varying degrees of complexity in words and meter, and set to various tunes. Stotrams are sung in praise of various Gods and Goddesses that are manifestations of the Supreme Reality. The Chinmaya Frederick Shloka class focuses on teaching different Stotrams to children. They serve to inspire children with devotion to the Supreme.

At the Chinmaya Frederick chapter, the Shloka class is exceptionally popular. Shloka class children are often invited to recite Stotrams at different temples, various CMWRC events and other functions.

At Chinmaya Frederick, Shloka class is offered on an optional basis for children enrolled in the Bala Vihar program.

Beginners Shloka Class

Timings: SUN 1:00 am – 1.40 am  |  Age Group: 5 years and above

Bhajan Class

Timings: SUN 1:00 am – 1.40 am  |  Age Group: 5 years and above

A bhajan is a devotional song. Bhajans can trace their beginnings back to classical ragas and talas. The word “bhajan” comes from “bhakti” which means devotion. Bhajan singing opens the heart and is a natural form of meditation. In this class, Bhajans will be taught every week and students will be able to sing these devotional songs during

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