bcc image_100As a part of the Centennial Celebrations for Pujya Gurudev, a beautiful souvenir is being planned to include tributes and offerings by everyone.  This effort is being coordinated by Chinmaya Mahima team.


As a preliminary step, Chinmaya Mahima team brainstormed for some ideas to bring the basic framework and timeline together. Souvenir website will contain personalized Messages by individual and Families (essays, poems, artwork, audio/video, photographs, letters). Around March 2016, the content will be compiled and used for publishing printed copies which will be ready for distribution on May 8 2016.

Invite all members of CMWRC family – past and present, children, youth and adults, Acharyas, Bala Vihar gurudev standingTeachers and Sevaks.

  • Engage CMWRC founding members to invite articles and inspirational talks from all who were directly touched by Pujya Gurudev.
  • Work with Bala Vihar Teachers and Coordinators to develop topics for class room discussion and seek souvenir articles from the Bala Vihar children. Recommend that 2-3 weeks of the BV year be focused on Pujya Gurudev Life and Teachings. For BV teachers during class time- possibly speak about inspiring stories, biography, share experiences of those who met him and inspire their curiosity to find more.
  • Possible Ongoing Activities
    • Storytelling by BV children (and reflections by adults?) on Sri Gurudev during one or two common times- depending on response. And include these videos in the online version of souvenir and the transcript of the story in the hard copy.  (This will help as an ongoing commitment and reminder)
    • Bala Vihar Activities and Common time stories (stories, activities to be published in souvenir)
    • Compile and Organize Sri Gurudev’s information (inspiring stories, experiences of those who met Him) and share with teachers CMWRC wide to help them organize topics for discussion about Gurudev with their students during the special 2-3 weeks. For facilitating this, make a Calendar – publish one/two stories each week (via email to students) or post on BV Teachers site on ChinmayaDC as the teacher resource.
    • Stories about special moments with Gurudev – recitation during common time.

We seek and look forward to your feedback and suggestions to expand on the ideas presented as well as expand on the team.  Please contact ChinmayaMahima@chinmayadc.org.

Together, let us make this a magnificent souvenir (and a memorable year!) in gratitude and remembrance of Pujya Gurudev’s glorious life, teachings and the priceless gift of Chinmaya Mission to all of us.

With Best Wishes and Pranams,
Chinmaya Mahima Committee