A Journey Into The Fragrant Mind: The Fragrant World

By Vandana Bapna

(Coordinator – Arts Curriculum, Chinmayam)
This poem is dedicated to our Acharyas: Swami Dheerananda, Brni. Arpitaji, and Vilasiniji.
Their support for our programs has no limits. Their motivation and encouragement inspires us to keep doing seva for Pujya Gurudev.
In an unchanged world, you have illumined the path to serenity; you are our spiritual leaders!

Since September 11th, all the more we have asked,
Why is our planet in crisis in spite of all that we have amassed?
Almighty Lord, tell us, please tell us
The secret to happiness and peace within us.
The Lord answered secretly and silently:
In order to fulfill our heart’s desire surely,
“Contemplate on words of the sages and wisdom in the scriptures.
These are meant to be My special messengers.”
‘I’ live in each of you, playing peek-a-boo.
The power to find Me lies within each of you.
“Sat-Chit-Ananda is the ‘I’ in you,” said the Lord.
You are not aware of your Divinity, isn’t that odd?
“You mean we are immortal Truth, pure Consciousness and eternal Bliss,” said we.
“Cultivate the right vision, goals and thoughts and you cannot otherwise be,” said He.
All that you have got is My loving present to you;
Finding Me in those gifts is the gift I would like from you.
I am actually helping you with agony and suffering and pain;
I hope you learn it is unreal, that you are really Me, and reign.
Happiness is not in the desire realization of wealth, pleasure, power or possession;
In turn you get poisoned with anger, greed, jealousy, delusion and passion.
Instead, why don’t you try service, sacrifice, courage and compassion?
The world you see is nothing but your mind’s own reflection.
So, said the Lord, “Unfold My presence when you silence the mind.”
Discover that serenity is yours by being virtuous and kind.
The secret lies in seeing Me in everything:
In non-attachment, unconditional love, respecting and revering.
Drop the ego; channel your free will and self-effort toward sva-dharma.
Your present purushartha will determine your future prarabdha .
Carve your destiny through faith, devotion, knowledge and spirit of yajna.
If each and every one attempts to follow this path,
World peace will prevail-you must surely know that.
Do not waste a moment, for it’s never too late.
You are the creator of your destiny and your fate!