Nov 092016

BHAJANS / SHLOKA CHANTING- Smt. Bhuvana Ramaswamy and Smt. Sudha Sivaram Venue: Chinmayam Time: Saturday 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM:

Sierra Exif JPEG Smt. Bhuvana Ramaswamy and Smt. Sudha Sivaram will introduce popular shlokas and bhajans to the students.   Students will be provided both Sanskrit and English copies of the shlokas to practice and review.  This is not a carnatic music class, rather, the goal is to expose student to chanting as a way to build concentration and hopefully nurture a practice of chanting.  During class, we will discuss shloka meaning, have some appropriate stories to make the class engaging and use audio and video aides to help students understand on what occasion and how the shlokas are chanted.