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Chinmaya Somnath Daily Evening Programs

“ A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. ”- Swami Chinmayananda

Due to COVID-19, all evening activities are on hold until further notice.

We request your participation in the variety of Daily Evening Programs currently being offered Monday through Friday starting 7.00 PM at Chinmaya Somnath. We will begin each evening with Arati at 7 PM, accompanied by chanting of Chinmaya Somnath Vedic Arati and Sri Ganga Stotram, This will be followed by a variety of programs summarized below:

All Programs are OPEN TO EVERYONE at no cost. No registration required.

Please share with your friends as well.

We request you to come and participate in these programs. Please forward to friends and family as well.

If you questionns or want to know more, please send an e-mail to dailyprograms@chinmayasomnath.org.

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Chinmaya Somnath Vedic Arati
Gurupaduka Stotram
Sri Rudram & Other Vedic Hymns
Soundarya Lahari and Other Stotrams
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Chinmaya Somnath Vedic Arati
Soundarya Lahari – Audio (MP3 format)
Shyamala Dandakam – Audio (MP3 format)