Maha Shivaratri Celebrations

March 11th, 2021

Timings: March 11th, 4 pm through March 12th, 5:30 am

Like every year, at Chinmaya Somnath, the Mahashivaratri will be celebrated over four (4) Kala’s. Program will be online via Zoom and is open to everyone, including Non-Members.  

The puja will be interactive and all participants (especially children) can perform puja at their home. Instructions will be sent in the newsletter. We encourage you to participate as a family. 

Puja and Archana Sponsorship Details:

Our patrons have the following opportunities for Maha-shivaratri Puja sponsorship. For each of the sponsor patrons, we will perform sankalpa prior to the Puja and offer vibhooti and prasad to the patrons after Maha-shivaratri Puja.  Note:  Only the Puja team will be allowed into the auditorium/temple;  everyone will be able to watch the Puja online through the night.

  1. All four Kala Mahanyasa-purvaka Ekavara Rudrabhisheka Puja

  2. 1st Kala Mahanyasa-purvaka Ekavara Rudrabhisheka Puja

  3. 1st Kala Ekavara Rudrabhisheka, Paduka Puja & Pushpa-Archana

  4. 3rd Kala Ekavara Rudrabhisheka, Paduka Puja & Bilva-Archana

When you sign-up for Puja or Archana sponsorship, you may optionally enter your family Gothram, your name, and Nakshatra. You can enter your family members names (up to 4 members) and their Nakshatra

Pooja Samagree Sponsorship:

Devotees can sponsor various items such as flowers, milk that will be used for puja and abhisheka.

Your sponsorship is tax-deductible.


Sponsorship & Donation


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