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Chinmaya Somnath Art Classes

“Introspect daily, detect diligently, negate ruthlessly”.- Swami Chinmayanada

Art Class Timings: “Due to Covid-19 situation, Art class is not being offered the Bala Vihar year 2020-21” 

We are excited to provide our very own Drawing Studio where children as well as adults can enrol to have a great family experience developing the artist skills within. This program is geared towards personal development where the instructors will devote time to each student based upon their skill levels. The focus will be on basics of drawing (at individual skill level), power of observation and technique of medium. If you have questions or need information on the Art Class, please email

Learning Targets:

Visual Journals:

Use symbolic imagery to convey ideas.

Innovative Thinking:

Produce works of art that demonstrate high levels of creativity. Explore ideas through sketching, brainstorming, and research. Create art that demonstrate personal visual expression and communication.


Create artworks using Elements of Art (Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, Texture, Space) and Principles of Design (Rhythm and Movement, Unity, Variety, Proportion, Pattern, Balance, Emphasis) to solve visual problems. Use symbolic imagery to convey ideas. Create artworks incorporating the following compositional guidelines (simplicity, leading lines, balance, framing).


Develop skills/techniques necessary for effective visual communication. Develop a unique drawing style. Demonstrate how to draw an object, capturing the object’s shape, proportions, angles and details. Demonstrate value by shading, hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling. Make an object appear three-dimensional by shading with smooth transitions between values. Understand how a light source will affect an object. Create a sense of space or depth in my drawing using changes in size, overlapping and placement. Explore various media to add value, color, and texture to a drawing. Utilize the grid system to enlarge a picture.


Produce works of art that demonstrate control of various art media. Manage anxiety, frustration, and tension related to the art making process. Develop skills/techniques necessary for effective visual communication.

Communicate and Critique:

Effectively discuss and evaluate artwork based on the 4-step critique process (description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation). Evaluate and recognize relationships between art and cultures. Develop communication skills about the art process. Interpret and Utilize artistic styles in the inspiration/creation of original work. Recognize connections between art and other school subjects. Identify my strengths and weaknesses in drawing and set goals for improvement in my drawings.

Work Ethic:

Safely use and maintain art materials and tools. Understand that the art making process is flexible allowing for revisions, new knowledge, and ideas. Utilize checkpoints during the artistic process. Allocate time efficiently in order to meet deadlines. Clean up after work and respect the tools and materials.

Theme Art:

Based on an upcoming event in the Hindu calendar, do research, collect information such as images and items to use in the design of the artwork, discuss color themes, composition of theme art and a message that can be conveyed.