2017-18 Language Curriculum Guidelines for Chinmayam


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BHARTIYA BHASHA (भारतीय भाषा )

Chinmayam Language Curriculum and Information

 Bhartiya Bhasha (भारतीय भाषा) is the official name coined by Pujya Swami Dheerananda for Chinmayam Language Curriculum during the Annual Day performance in 2014.  Since its inception in late 1990s the current program has grown and graduated many students.

The Hindi program is approved by Montgomery County Public Schools for elective language credit. This credit is available to High School students (0.5 credit for each year grades 9-12)

Student Testing/Performance

  • Students are tested periodically during the school year so that better performing students do not have to wait for the end of school year to be progressed to next Level.
  • In general testing will be done late September, early March and in June.
  • Most students will be tested by their own teacher and in some situations another teacher on the outline distributed in class.
  • Language classes may use only High School students (11-12th graders) to help with teaching only after they have successfully gone through Hindi Paathshala curriculum.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  This would be at coordinator’s recommendation. All class related questions should be addressed directly with the teacher.
  • Attendance (no unexcused absences), punctuality and class participation will be heavily rated for all Levels and will affect the progression to next Level. Late arrival and absenteeism disrupt class activity and will not be permitted.
  • All class related questions should be addressed directly with the teacher. Overall questions should be addressed to the Language Coordinator Anil Kishore (languages@chinmayadc.org)
  • If the student misses four or more classes without notice, the student will have to re-register for Language classes to be able to continue (See rules below).
  • Teachers may schedule meetings with parents to discuss the progress of their children if necessary.


 Class Rules/Information:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity again to teach for the coming year. We have an exciting year ahead of us and we are looking forward to it. This year also, we will have different levels of classes. Our class sizes in some of the sections has grown tremendously and we have lot more students than in the previous years.

The classes are organized so those students on the same level of the learning curve (regardless of their grade in school) are in the same class. In Hindi and Telugu, we have standard textbooks or teaching material that we will be following. Please make sure you get this information from the teacher. Your help in having them read at home and quizzing them will help their vocabulary and grammar.

Please print and save this information with you as reference and spend some time with your child in understanding these instructions.

Your child must be registered in Bal Vihar and the Language Class to be able to participate in this curriculum at Chinmayam. For Classes in Frederick and Virginia please contact their respective coordinators. (Check out the appropriate Centers on this web site).

In order to place each child in an appropriate group and provide him/her with the opportunity to move up to the next group in a timely fashion, we strongly encouraging you to help us in doing the following:

        Please make sure that your child:

  • is in the class promptly (see class timings for individual classes). Late arrivals not only disrupt the class but also interfere with the child’s learning process. The class is only offered once a week and in order for the child to progress, they would require a minimum of the allocated class time each week. If the student misses four or more classes without notice, the student will have to re-register for the Language classes  to be able to continue. Continued excessive late arrivals and absenteeism will not be permitted in class and will result in permanent dismissal from class.
  • TWO un-excused absences will result in removal of the child from the roster, no make up class or exam is offered
  • brings two sharpened pencils with erasers, binder (with loose-leaf papers) to place handouts and class materials.
  • brings the text book to class every day – no sharing is allowed in class, the children are asked to read, write notes, prepare recitals and must have their own book. Sharing disrupts the class.
  • attends the classes regularly and makes a full effort to complete any assignment that is given for the week. Parents are strongly encouraged to make sure that the children are practicing the language at home. Reinforcing the language skills at home is the ONLY way to advance their command on the language. Please note that children can move more than one level. We periodically test the children for proficiency (see Student testing). Usually the first level takes the longest. The course syllabus is distributed at the beginning of the class and is available from the teacher. You can assist your child satisfying the requirements for a given level. WE HAVE SEEN BEST RESULTS WHEN THE CHILD PRACTICES THE LANGUAGE WITH FRIENDS AND PARENTS. ONCE WEEKLY CLASSES CAN ONLY EMPHASIZE ON  READING AND WRITING.

All Bala Vihar discipline rules provided to the students are also applicable during Language classes.

Parents are not permitted in class unless specifically requested by the teacher(s) to assist in teaching the class or an individual student.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance in this matter. Please contact us if you have any questions or clarifications. It is our pleasure to teach Hindi to the children. We look forward to their development and proficiency in the language.

You may also visit this site for up to date information on the class routine.

Hari Om


Your Language Teachers

Contact Anil Kishore (Language Coordinator) for more information

September 2016