Hindi Paathshala

Introducing Hindi classes for Adults:

Hindi Paathshala is now available for individuals who are not Chinmaya Mission members or students, and who are interested to learn the Indian Language – Hindi.You can register by clicking the appropriate registration button below.For convenience, the student can pay the registration dues in two installments. To pay in installments, please ensure to register for 1st Half only. The 2nd half registration is required for completing the course. You may do so when you are ready to make the second installment or right before the end of 1st half. For full course registration, please register for 1st and 2nd half and you can make the full payment (recommended).

Please send inquiries via email to:

For Bala Vihar students Hindi Paathshala Registration
Hindi Paathshala Registration – Adults
For adult Hindi classes, please click on the above button for the registration form. Please submit completed forms to the Chinmayam Office.

CURRICULUM For all levels:

Textbooks are approved by Govt of India, National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT). Each level involves a thorough coverage of selected chapters, exercises and accompanying handouts and homework material.

For each level the child must have

  1. Hindi Paathshala (Binder), provided free of charge to new students for the first time only, can be purchased if lost
  2. NCERT Textbooks (Bala Bharti, Rim Jhim)
  3. Teach Yourself Hindi by Mohini Rao
  4. English to Hindi Dictionary
  5. Hindi to English Dictionary

All of the above are available for purchase. Handouts and other texts provided by teacher
For information on Hindi Classes e-mail

  • Children MUST bring all Hindi Paathshala binder, books, dictionary, writing material to class EVERY TIME. In addition please note that late arrivaling students will be asked to stay upstairs. Build your own Dictionary: A guide to conversation.  Grammar included in the respective text.Hindi as a means to introduce students to some basic History and geography of India.

Class Test and certificates

1. The SECOND weekend of each month is set-aside for Exams in class. It will cover lessons taught in that month. Teachers will prepare exams ahead of time. Exams will not be repeated. Students will be awarded certificates of participation of the level completed. If two levels are completed in a given year then both levels will be indicated on the certificate. For students that complete three or more levels, the certificate will indicate participation in two of the higher levels.

2. Hindi Paathshala is approved by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) for elective Hindi (Outside Language/Culture) credit. This requires 80% attendance (punctuality and presence), 80% or greater score in 80% of  exams offered to students in 9-12 grade. Each year 0.5 credit is posted to student’s transcript for the 4 years of High School. Since this is a requirement, ALL students must adhere to the expectations. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. All class related questions should be addressed directly with the teacher. If additional assistance is needed, please contact

Anil Kishore

Language Coordinator

Level Specific Curriculum:

  1. Dictionary building (see under Information for Parents)
  2. The default homework for each class is what is in the back of each lesson.
  3. Introduction to simple sentences, number counting, days of week, months of year etc.
  4. Word reorganization from the respective text books reading and writing.
  5. Teachers will reinforce throughout the curriculum – all levels
  6. Buy a marble notebook for your child. Name it as Dictionary for self-improvement. Each child must write down all the words that he /she knows so far.
  7. Please refer to Language Curriculum rules and regulations posted on the website.

Information for Parents of all levels:

ATTENDANCE RULES: Any unexcused absence from the class will not be acceptable.No more than three excused absences from the class are allowed for the school year.It is the responsibility of the parent to contact respective teacher(s) directly for any excused absence. You may do so by sending email .  The student will be removed from the curriculum after 3 absences

Class Updates/Assignments

Hindi Textbooks (available from Mission Book Store for Hindi Paathshala students only).

  1. Bala Bharti, 1-5, Rim Jhim- Part 1, 2 and 3
  2. Conversational Hindi – Teach Yourself Hindi, by Mohini Rao
  3. Hindi with Harry – written by Rajeev Gopal
  4. Let’s Begin – Level 1 – Hindi Learning Series – by Rajiv Mahajan –
  5. Hindi Paathshala Binder – Prepared and  Maintained by Class Teachers
  6. Additional poems, folk songs and reading material are provided by the teachers to the students to supplement language skills.
  7. Some activities will involve Arts group students. Detailed class outline will be handed out in class during September and as the year progresses.

(The prescribed textbooks are approved by Govt. of India, National Council of Educational Research & Training.

Past Performances by Hindi Paathshsala

  1.  Sunderakanda – performed 9/2002
  2.  Holi Aayee Re – peformed for Holi 2000
  3.  Jhanda – performed June 2000
  4.  Aha Aaj Diwali Aayee – performed for Diwali 2000
  5.  Annual Performances are mandatory for all students – the dates are shared at open house, in classes, by email and also on the Bala Vihar calendar.

For Curriculum and additional details, rules and regulations, student testing and performance, expectations of our students please CLICK HERE (Language Curriculum Information). Students usually take longer in Level 1 (learning of alphabets, reading writing takes a while since the script is very different than English. The conversation is essentially picked up by speaking at home, not with the limited weekly class in our Language

Curriculum: All students should be in Grade 1 or higher in school to be considered for Language Classes. See details under Language Curriculum. Hindi Paathshala may use only High School students (11-12th graders) to help with teaching only after they have successfully gone through Hindi Paathshala curriculum.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  This would be at coordinator’s recommendation. All class related questions should be addressed directly with the teacher. Overall questions should be addressed to the Language Coordinator Anil Kishore.

Your Hindi Paathshala Teachers –

Anil Darbari (Hindi Coordinator), Kamal Dewan, Anil Kishore (Language Coordinator), Savita Nigam, Rajeev Gopal, Reena Gopal, Ritu Sachdev, Gita Luthria, Vishal Poddar, Neeraja Venkateswaran, Vipin Sahijwani .