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BHARTIYA BHASHA (भारतीय भाषा )

Chinmayam Language Curriculum and Information

Bhartiya Bhasha (भारतीय भाषा) is the official name coined by Pujya Swami Dheerananda for Chinmayam Language Curriculum. Since its inception in late 1990s the current program has grown and graduated many students.

Introducing Hindi Classes for Adults:

Hindi Paathshala – Hindi language class is now available for adults who have little or no knowledge of the language and would like to get basic skills. Please visit the curriculum by clicking the subject Hindi Paathshala.

Please click on the interested subject to get more details.

The Hindi program is approved by Montgomery County Public Schools for elective credit (Outside Language/Culture Credit). This credit is available to High School students (0.5 credit for each year grades 9-12)

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