Performing Arts Guidelines


PERFORMING ARTS – Guidelines and Information


You have to be registered in Bala Vihar to be able to participate in Arts & Language curriculum. All class related questions should be addressed directly to the teacher or the class coordinator. Overall questions should be addressed to the Performing Arts Coordinator . Read about our program by visiting Chinmayam Performing Arts on this web page.


There is a combined registration form for all Bala Vihar curriculum including Arts and Languages.


Registration: All participants are required to be registered independently of Bala Vihar classes and specifically for arts/language classes and the registration fees are due in full before participation in the respective classes.


  • When the registration forms along with the fees are submitted before the deadline, first priority will be given to the returning students and then to the Bala Vihar children.  After the classes are full, the remaining students will be placed on a waiting list and admitted on the basis of seat availability, first come first served basis.
  • If the spots are open and the teachers are willing, the adults can also register for the arts classes.  If the adults do have an open spot to register, the adults who are forming a parent/child team will be given the first preference… because learning and fun can then be fostered even at home.
  • The parents are not allowed to join their children during the class unless they are registered themselves.  The final decision is left to the teacher’s discretion.
  • Youth teachers can only teach Bala Vihar children and adults cannot register in the classes taught by them.
  • Classes may be cancelled if there is insufficient number of students or for other unforeseen difficulties.


Attendance: Attendance (no unexcused absences), punctuality and class participation are crucial for effective learning.  Late arrival and absenteeism disrupt class activity and will not be permitted.  Late arrivals may have to sit in the class as a witness to the class being taught and not be allowed to participate.  However, the consequences for late arrivals will be at the discretion of the teachers.  The class is only offered once a week and in order for the child to progress, they would require a minimum of the allocated class time each week.  If the student misses four or more classes without notifying the teachers, the student may be dismissed from class participation until the matter is resolved to the teachers’ satisfaction.   Further, the irregular and tardy students will not be eligible for the annual day and other event participation.

Continued excessive late arrivals and absenteeism will not be permitted in the class and will result in permanent dismissal from class without refunds.


Three unexcused absences will result in a no-certificate at the end of the year.


Arts Annual Day:  Please refer to the annual calendar (click here) for the arts annual day.  Normally it falls on the last Sunday of BV Session in June. That will also be the graduation day for the arts students.


Calendar:    Please refer to the annual calendar for the scheduled closings of Bala Vihar and Arts/Language classes.    There will be no Arts or Languages classes on the session wide Bala Vihar Field Trip day scheduled in September or October.  In case of inclement weather, the Saturday/Sunday sessions may be cancelled.  Please watch out for the e-mails, radio announcements, call 301-384-5009 for a recorded message or check our web site ( for an update on emergency related cancellations


Parent-Teacher meetings: We will have parent-teacher meetings on the same weekends as the Bala-Vihar parent teacher meetings from 11:45 to 12:15.  Regular classes will follow the parent-teacher meeting.


The Bala Vihar calendar and all Bala Vihar discipline rules provided to the students are also applicable to the Arts classes.

Parents are not permitted in class unless specifically requested by the teacher(s) to assist in teaching the class or an individual student.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance in this matter. Please contact us if you have any questions or clarifications. It is our pleasure to teach our cultural heritage to the children. We look forward to their unfolding in their respective arts.