Chinmayam Facility Reservation


Chinmayam Facility Reservation



Chinmayam Facility

For inquiries about Chinmayam, Silver Spring MD Facility reservation, please contact

For Reserving Silver Spring Facilities:

“Reserving Chinmayam – Guidelines and Procedures –

Please Note: Chinmayam is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR CMWRC/Chinmaya Mission functions.

For all CMWRC/Chinmaya Mission activities, please check Chinmayam Calendar.

Use this URL to find an available time slot for your needs. This calendar is to be used as a guide to request possibly available slots since the information is updated based on the criteria given below.”
Coordinators/Bala Vihar teachers wishing to use the facility for Mission purposes like programs, rehearsals, etc. should request for reservations.Use of Chinmayam will be strictly governed by the reservations made in the calendar. Please ask for ONLY one time slot till everyone has reserved the practice time. We shall open the process for additional reservations when all the classes have found the time. All the teachers should make reservations as soon as possible so that those wishing additional time can do so.

To reserve the facility , send an email to Chinmayam Reservations giving the details of date, time, class and session to enter the request in the calendar. CM Facilities will confirm the reservation requests quickly (mostly within 48 hours).
Reservations will be based on first come first reserved.

Please be mindful that multiple requests are not put in for the same activity.

The reservation is only for CHINMAYAM. For using Kailas Niwas, please contact Swamiji FIRST so that there is no conflict with his activities/classes.

Reservation/assistance for sound system must be arranged separately with Facilities/Sound.

Please copy and paste the following in your email. Complete the information and send to Chinmayam Reservations


This blocks times for others to request and prevents availability of Chinmayam to other users.

In case of competing requests at the same time, or questions about appropriateness of the use of the facility, Deepak Chadha or Sanjay Bapna shall try to resolve the conflict. The decision by these Bala Vihar Coordinators will be the final binding decision.

For second level of resolution, the issue will be referred to our Events Coordinator, Chandrika Sriram and Bala Vihar Director Anil Kishore for their decision. (

Arrangements are being made so that the office computer will have access to the Calendar. Teachers will have the option to work through the Office Managers to look at available time slots. Until this option becomes available please use other means of checking calendar noted above. This website will be update when necessary.

Facilities Coordinator