Essential Guidelines at Chinmayam Chapter


Essential Guidelines at Chinmayam Center


Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was known for his punctuality.  All sessions at Chinmayam start and end on time. Please make it convenient to be on time, to avoid or minimize disturbance and distractions. All members should be seated 10 minutes prior to the sessions during Hanuman Chalisa.
(Saturday: 9:50 am, Sunday morning: 9:50 am and Sunday afternoon: 1:20 pm)

Dress Code

Indian Dress Attire for everyone.  No Jeans or Shorts.

Silence and Respect & Cell Phone Policy

Please maintain respectful silence during Bala Vihar and other sessions that take place at Chinmayam. Please switch off the mobile phones or turn on the silent mode before the session begins.

Food and Beverages & Cleanliness and Hygiene

Food and Beverages are not permitted on the steps or anywhere inside Chinmayam building.  Absolutely No eating/drinking at any time within the Chinmayam building. Please clear up the space used for any activities so as to keep it usable for the next activity.  Especially after eating food, please dispose everything in appropriate trash cans/recycling bins and keep the place clean and safe.  This is very important to prevent infestation.

Shoe Racks

Shoe Racks are conveniently located on the main and basement floor of Chinmayam.   Adults and Sevaks may place their shoes on the main floor rack.  Children should place their shoes on the basement rack. Exceptions apply to some children who have Bala Vihar classes on the main floor of Chinmayam or Kailash Niwas or Devi Niwas buildings.

Parking and Safety

While driving within the Chinmayam premise, please follow the arrow directions and drive SLOWLY & CAUTIOUSLY.  Especially during the weekend satsangs, several children and member families are always present in the parking lots and driveways. We have limited parking space for Only One Car per registered family during weekend Bala Vihar sessions.  If two cars are needed, please park the second vehicle at the roadside outside Chinmayam premises in legal area.

Lost & Found

Any personal items remaining at Chinmayam/Kailas Niwas/Devi Niwas will be placed in the lost & found bin (kept in Chinmayam shoe closet) for a limited time. After that, the items will be donated or recycled/disposed.