chinmaya_omChinmaya Frederick Activities

Bala Vihar

The Bala Vihar program offers weekly spiritual classes for children in their formative school years (Pre K to 12). The classes are organized by age groups, start and end with Sanskrit prayers, and include chanting, bhajans, stories of devotion and morals, interactive discussions, and creative games.

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Shloka Classes

At the Chinmaya Frederick chapter, the Shloka class is exceptionally popular. Shloka class children are often invited to recite Stotrams at different temples, various CMWRC events and other functions. Shloka class is offered on an optional basis for children enrolled in the Bala Vihar program.

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BALAJI RAMAKRISHNAN The program is designed for all levels interested in learning how to live mindfully and find physical and emotional balance, as well as self-acceptance

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Bhagavad Geeta Classes

On a weekly basis, while children are attending Bala Vihar classes, a Chinmaya Mission trained Acharya will conduct pravachans (lectures) on the Bhagavad Gita for adults. The Acharya will cover the 18 chapters of this ageless scriptural text comprehensively, discussing in detail two to three verses in each class. The purpose is to inspire the novice spiritual aspirant to sincerely and diligently pursue Vedantic studies and contemplation.

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Study Groups

A study group is a group of five to fifteen people who meet regularly to discuss one of the Vedantic texts. All members of the group participate equally, with one of them being a Coordinator. Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda put the highest emphasis on participation in study groups by all sincere seekers. CMWRC has several study groups operating currently, but not enough. Many more members will benefit enormously by participating in a study group regularly.

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Service to the needy is Service rendered to our Lord.Seva is not merely an act of charity. It is service to God in the form of man. Simply put, Seva is the very essence of devotion. To help the needy is our duty and privilege. Every Sunday morning we gather together with our children and make a pledge to “…. live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service… “

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