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For adults, Chinmaya Mission offers Vedantic education, based on the Bhagavad Gītā and other scriptural texts. Conventional education teaches one how to make a living. Vedantic knowledge teaches one how to live in happiness. During our day‐to‐day life struggles, we often forget that the well‐spring of all joy is within us. This knowledge, and the steps to realize and experience it, is the science of Vedanta. The abiding knowledge of Vedanta rests in the vision of the One Reality, a vision that transcends race, class, creed, gender and nationality. The teachings of Vedanta are profound, yet simple; completely personal, yet universal; and above all, very relevant in today’s world. The learning and application of Vedanta enables not only spiritual development, but personal and professional growth as well.

Bhagavad Gita Classes:

On a weekly basis, while children are attending Bala Vihar classes, Chinmaya Mission trained Acharyas conduct pravachans (lectures) on the Bhagavad Gita for adults. The Acharyas cover the 12 chapters of this ageless scriptural text comprehensively, discussing in detail two to three verses in each class. The purpose is to inspire the novice spiritual aspirant to sincerely and diligently pursue Vedantic studies and contemplation.

Study Groups and Vedanta Classes:

In addition to the weekly Bhagavad Gītā classes, Chinmaya Mission offers a range of options for spiritual aspirants seeking to pursue additional Vedantic studies.

Study Groups – Inspired by the vision of Vedanta, several small groups of seekers meet locally, on a weekly or bi‐weekly basis, to study selected Vedanta texts. The participants of each study group analyze their selected text in detail through interactive discussions, deepening their understanding. They seek guidance from an Acharya as needed.

Vedanta Classes Aspirants who prefer a pravachan(lecture) format for study, may join one of several Vedanta classes that are conducted by Acharyas or other qualified teachers.

Discourses …

Special classes dedicated to women (Devi) and retired seekers (Vaanaprastha) are also available. E-study Vedanta classes are offered by the Chinmaya International Foundation.