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About Mananam

The Sanskrit word Mananam means reflection. The Mananam Series of books is dedicated to promoting the ageless wisdom of Vedanta, with an emphasis on the unity of all religions. Spiritual teachers from different traditions give us fresh, insightful answers to age-old questions so that we may apply them in a practical way to the dilemmas we all face in life. It is published by Chinmaya Mission West, which was founded by Swami Chinmayananda in 1975.

Swami Chinmayananda pursued the spiritual path in the Himalayas, under the guidance of Swami Sivananda and Swami Tapovanam. He is credited with the awakening of India and the rest of the world to the ageless wisdom of Vedanta. He taught the logic of spirituality and emphasized that selfless work, study, and meditation are the cornerstones of spiritual practice. His legacy remains in the form of books, audio and video tapes, schools, social service projects, and Vedanta teachers who now serve their local communities all around the world.

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Tapovan Prasad

Is the international monthly magazine of Chinmaya Mission. It enlists/shares about all the activities of the Mission and presents inspiring articles that kindle an individual’s inherent spirituality.

Through its motto, taken from the Bhagavad-gita: ‘O Kaunteya, know for certain – my devotee will never perish’ (IX/3), the magazine has been fulfilling its main aim of conveying the eternal message of Indian scriptures as taught by Swami Chinmayananda, to generations of people. Absorbing the earlier publications – Tyagi and Usha, Tapovan Prasad was launched in January 1963, to fulfill the growing needs of Chinmaya Mission.  Shifting base from Mumbai to Chennai, the magazine’s readership, popularity and stature has grown over the years under the constant guidance of publisher Smt. Leela Nambiar and the dynamic leadership of many eminent editors.

Tapovan Prasad is a potent capsule providing in-depth reading, points for quiet reflection, anecdotes and stories of realised masters, answers to nagging questions and doubts – in short a regular monthly dose for spiritual introspection and growth. It also keeps members abreast of the diverse events and activities of Chinmaya Mission all around the world, providing them with details of forthcoming yajnas, camps, and so on.

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The Balvihar magazine

• provides children with new, interesting and stimulating articles on Indian culture and sacred stories on a regular basis
• is full of poems, riddles, jokes and quizzes;
• motivates children to read, think and write originally and creatively
• encourages and develops a life-long habit of reading
• builds a foundation of strong ideals and moral values
• has vibrant illustrations that captivate the reader’s imagination and makes reading and learning fun!

Writing for a children’s magazine is exciting. I realised that being a child has nothing to do with chronological age. Freshness of approach, a sense of wonder, a sense of fun - that’s what childhood is all about. - Bharati Sukhatankar, Editorial Advisor of Balvihar

Balvihar has been serving children, parents, and grandparents for over 38 years. It's current worldwide circulation is over 40,000. June 2013 was a milestone in the magazine’s history as it won the ICE (In-house Communication Excellence) Award for the ‘best magazine among NGOs’.

An inspiring story, a powerful idea, a catchy poem or an enchanting picture remains etched as an abiding memory in growing minds. It is, therefore, important to provide children with a strong value system, right from the beginning, so that they grow up to be responsible, honest, courageous and forthright citizens of tomorrow. Balvihar gives youngsters a solid and durable foundation of ethics and right thinking in their receptive years by its excellent combination of reading and learning with fun, love and laughter.
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Chinmaya Udghosh

With 12,000 subscriptions and growing, Chinmaya Udghosh has been gaining ground and its popularity amongst youth is on the rise. It unites CHYKS all over the world and gives them a common platform to articulate their views. Subscribe today and join this unique and spirited group. Chinmaya Udghosh is now available for Online viewing.

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