Mann Ki Shaanti (Radio Show) Archives



Archives of the Hindi Radio Talk show (Mann ki Shaanti with Chinmaya Mission) on Northern Virginia’s Indian Radio station (Bolly 102.9 FM) every Saturday from 9.30 AM to 10 AM EST. The program can be streamed live at all over the world!

Episode 1 ‘The Best of East & West’ Discover how to help your children blend the best values and ideals from both worlds.

Episode 2 ‘Happy Marriage, Happy Life’ Learn about practical tips to help make your marriage a happy one.

Episode 3‘Balanced Mind at Work’ In a world where smart phones prevail and work pressure is high, adopting a balanced approach to life priorities is necessary. Discover the means to striking true balance.

Episode 4 ‘Money – Happiness Connection’ De-mystify the common notion that ‘more money=more happiness.’ Learn where true happiness comes from.

Episode 5 ‘Success without Stress’ Understand the deeper essence of Karma Yoga and how it can lead you to achieving your goals without stress.

Episode 6 ‘Basic Concepts of Vedanta’  Introduced in a conversational style, emphasizing a practical approach. Extra special segment with Mukhya Swami Swaroopananda ji, Global Head of Chinmaya Mission