Here at Chinmaya Mission, we are a part of a group. This education we undertake is not individual, we stand together, we work together and succeed. So in order to have that feeling of togetherness, we assemble together with all the families and children for assembly before Bala Vihar. When we start any auspicious undertaking, studies, rituals, we begin it with prayers. When we come together and pray, it forms a strong bond between everyone. Same thing happens at home when we pray together, or eat together or even do entertainment together – we stay together.

Discipline – Here at Chinmaya Mission we follow certain rules and regulations and ensure that everyone stands within a certain boundary. This itself is discipline – Discipline is the act of training someone to obey rules or certain behaviors. It can also be used to describe the actual process of training others or yourself to follow certain rules or mannerisms.Children need discipline, limits and guidance. They need to feel safe and secure while learning to get along with others and learning to live in society. The best discipline leads to children learning self-discipline.

People often confuse discipline’ with ‘physical punishment’, but they really are quite different. Discipline is about teaching. It is not necessary to physically punish children in order to teach them what they need to know. Unfortunately many adults don’t always know what to do and tend to treat children the way they were treated.

The purpose of discipline is to guide children to choose what is right through teaching and learning rather than forcing it.

For most parents the question is how best to achieve this, and Chinmaya Mission shows us the way.


Assembly is held before each Bala Vihar session in auditorium. During the assembly, the prayers are chanted. We request all parents and children to arrive 5 minute before the prayers start and be seated in the designated area.