Bhiksha Offerings and Details

Pujya Swami Swaroopananda Ji is the Global head of Chinmaya Mission. Swamiji’s discourses are directed towards spreading Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s vision across the world. Offering Bhiksha to Swamiji (and other Acharyas) is considered as one of the foremost duties of a householder in the Hindu tradition. It offers your family an opportunity to support Sri Gurudev’s vision, spend personal time with Swamiji and Acharyas and get their blessings.
Bhiksha Schedule and Location: July 22nd and 23rd
Bhiksha Schedule and Location: July 24th – 27th
Bhiksha Suggested Donation

At Chinmaya Somnath as part of the Retreat

  • Bhiksha patrons during the Retreat (July 22-23) will need to be registered as part of the Retreat. Bringing a dish is optional as we will arrange for Swamiji’s food as part of the regular meals for delegates. Bhiksha families will serve Swamiji and other Acharyas in the Chinmaya Somnath dining area and will get to spend some personal time with Swamiji after the Bhiksha in the Acharya room.

Residence of Acharya Rahul Ji and Priya Ji in Ashburn, VA

  • BREAKFAST: (~ 8:30 AM)
  • LUNCH: (~ 12:00 PM)
  • DINNER: (~ 5.45 PM)
  • Bhiksha patrons during Yajna days (July 24-27) will prepare the bhiksha meal in accordance with the guidelines provided by Bhiksha Coordinators.
Bhiksha as an Individual Family: $301.00 or higher
Bhiksha as a Group of Families: $1001.00 or higher
Please make checks payable to CMWRC
  • Sign-up Early!!! The total number of participants in any Bhiksha will be limited to fifteen including children. We expect the slots to fill up quickly.

Bhiksha Coordinators and contacts

If you are interested in offering Bhiksha, please send an email to, with your preferred date. The Bhiksha coordinators will respond to you directly with additional information.


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