How do I join Chinmaya Mission?

In the words of Swami Chinmayananda: “Members of Chinmaya Mission are not subscription payers, or those who run after the Swami, or even those who fall hundred times at his feet. God is all-pervading and the Mission’s hope is to make our generation more conscious of the God-principle. Thus, all our friends who are sincerely practicing self-purification and mental purification are faithful Mission members, more than those who pay a donation or wear a badge on their chest. So long as you are practicing — not outwardly only, but mainly inwardly — you are a dearer member of the Chinmaya family than anybody else.”

What is kalanjali?

Kalanjali is the cultural wing of Chinmaya Somnath and was inaugurated in April of 2015 to coincide with Shankara Jayanthi.

Kalanjali’s vision is to encourage youngsters and adults, by providing a place to showcase their talents and enthrall the audience. Kalanjali events are hosted at Chinmaya Somnath and are free to members and non-members.

The program aims to nurture the traditional art training in the young, the passion to learn new traditional art skills or to continue to make progress in the field of their childhood interests in the adults. Kalanjali also encourages professional level artists to perform as an offering to the Lord. Kalanjali events are free and open to everyone, members and non-members, and this is one more way Chinmaya Somnath is serving the community.

Where can I get more information about the Retreat 2017?

More information about the retreat can be accessed at https://cmwrc.chinmayadc.org/retreat-2017/