Retreat Registration



Registration, Chinmaya Musical, and Wait list are now closed. Please join us for Jnana Yajna.
Registration, Chinmaya Musical, and Wait list are now closed

Early Bird Rates end on June 11th, 2017

Registration after June 11th, 2017

Registration includes all meals and welcome package.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy:

50% of registration amount will be refunded for any cancellation until July 21, 2017. Cancellation request should be made via email to with a valid reason for the cancellation request. The refund check will be mailed to the address provided during registration and made payable to the person’s name who made the payment.

  • Tax Deduction Notice:

50% of the registration amount may be tax deductible depending on individual tax situation.

    • The Chinmaya Musical program is part of Retreat Registration. Please join us and enjoy the live rendition of Swami Chinmayananda Musical performed by CM Washington family in a glorious tribute to Sri Gurudev.
    • The young adults (CHYKS) will have a separate CHYK Camp that will coincide with this retreat and have common programs.
      Please use the Register for CHYK Camp button below.
    • There is a separate camp for youth (jCHYKs), Grades 9 – 12, July 24-27, that will follow the weekend spiritual retreat. Please use the Register for jCHYK Camp button below.
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