CMWRC Live Streaming


Chinmaya Mission WRC (CMWRC)

presents NEW YouTube Channels which will help our members and visitors search for previous events, discourses, resources, and summer camp memories.

We encourage everyone to subscribe to new channels. Going forward, new videos and live streaming will be on the below-listed channels.


Events Channel :

Live Stream and past event videos – click here

Did you miss the Gurudev Jayanti Program? No problem, it here on the on YouTube Channel !!!

Discourses Channel:

Click here for Discourses or Live stream

Resources Channel:

Click here for Resources  

Summer Camp Channel:

Click here for Summer camp videos or Live stream


Online Bhagavad Geeta class

When: Every Saturday at 6:55 PM – 8:00 PM starting 3/28
Duration: 1 hour


Note: Previous recordings of the classes will be moved to our new channels in the next few weeks. Please subscribe to the new channel listed above.

Click here to join the class (via YouTube Channel)l