1. What is the schedule of the CMWRC Camp?

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM: Stories and their significance and Bhagavad Geeta Chanting

2. Is there a sibling discount and what is the refund policy?

No sibling discount is available.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy is available on our website.

Refund and Camp Withdrawal On or Before June 1st, 2021: Full Refund (less $50 administration fee per child)

Withdrawal After June 1st, 2021: No Refund

Please Note: Violation of any of the terms and conditions will result in the cancellation of enrollment without a refund.

3. Do we have to register for the e-Bala Vihar camp separately or is it part of the CMWRC camp registration?

The e-Bala Vihar camp (National camp) is separate from CMWRC camp. You have to register separately for each camp.

You can find the registration  link for for the e-Bala Vihar camp here.

4. What is the difference between the morning and afternoon camps? Will they be covering the same material?

Though the theme is the same the content is very different.

The students will meet with Swamiji for bhajan, chanting, and stories and their significance.

5. Will there be an orientation for parents ?

Yes, we plan to host a virtual parent orientation, mock class & tech-check on TBD 2021.

6. For the Gita Chanting and other bhajans etc. where do I find the information? Is Google my best bet?

All the verses for chanting, bhajans, closing, opening, and prayers before meals will be included in the binder that will be provided to the families before camp begins. It will also include activity sheets and likhita japa sheets for the students to do on a daily basis.

7. Do the children participate in a finale similar to the prior year program?

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we are looking into a virtual finale. More information will be posted on our webpage soon.