Bhiksha Guidelines


Bhiksha- Guidelines


Please include the following items in your bhiksha offering at lunch or dinner times.

  1. Quinoa dish
  2.  2 or more vegetable dishes
  3. High Protein dish (e.g., tofu or nutrela)
  4. Home made fat free yogurt
  5. A healthy dessert

Please avoid sugar and jaggery in the meal. Please use only less oil in the food preparation. You may use cut fruits, nuts, soy milk and fat free milk/yogurt/cheese in preparing dessert. You may also use SteviaTabs. 

If you are unfamiliar with cooking indian dishes with quinoa or tofu, please check the Recipes page for ideas.


  1.  Any high protein snack with no sugar/jaggery
  2. Fresh Tender Coconut
  3. Nuts
  4. Sparkling water or Carbonated water
  5. SteviaTabs