Summercamp – Chinmaya Somnath – Youth Volunteers


2020 Summer Camp: Youth Volunteer Registrations are now closed!

If registered, the applicant will receive an email from from Youth Volunteer Team regarding next steps!

Volunteering as a Youth Counselor at the Chinmaya Mission Summer Camp is a fun and rewarding experience involving a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities.

Selection Criteria

  • * Age Requirement: Applicants must be rising 9th graders or above.
  • * Application Submission: Every applicant is required to submit a completed Youth Volunteer Application before April 1,2020.
  • * Essay Submission: Every applicant is then required to submit an essay April 1,2020. Essay topics will be sent via email after registration.
    These essays will be submitted to the Chinmaya Smrithi Newsmagazine.
  • * Interview: All applicants must sign up for an interview. The signup details will be sent via email along with essay topics.
    • Interview Dates : April 18, 2020
          • April 19, 2020
          • April 25, 2020
          • April 26, 2020
  • * Application Decision: When the decision of selection  is made, the applicants will receive an email notification from the Chinmaya Somnath Summer Camp Team. The selected applicants will then sign the Volunteer Agreement and Code of Conduct. The volunteer then must attend the mandatory Youth Volunteer training session. Failure to attend the session will result in the forfeiture of the position to another wait-listed applicant..
  • * Special Considerations:
    • * Prior Experience as a Youth Volunteer at Chinmaya Somnath is a plus.
    • * Preference will  be given to applicants who were enrolled in past Summer Camp programs.
    • * Preference will  be given to applicants who are currently enrolled in Bala Vihar program.

*The decision of the Mission is final and no further appeals will be entertained.*
*  Mandatory Training Sessions (Must attend one) (Parents will be required to attend for 30 minutes) 

  • TBA, 2020

Required qualifications and conditions for Youth Counselors Expectations:

  • * Exemplify the Chinmaya Mission Pledge.
  • * Ability to act as a good role model for all the Camp children.
  • * Honor the dates once they have been committed to and accepted.
  • * Be punctual.
  • * Dress appropriately to set an example for the children.
  • * Wear the volunteer uniform that will be provided.
  • * Serve other children before serving oneself.
  • * Follow instructions from teachers and other senior volunteers.
  • * Outside private calls and Internet use are not permitted.
  • * Ability to accept challenges.
  • * Be friendly and helpful.
  • * Strong organizational skills.
  • * Exhibit leadership qualities.
  • * Must Attend one mandatory Youth Volunteer training

Duties for Youth Counselors:

  • * Class assistant—help class for the whole day.
  • * Act as counselor and mentor for students whenever required.
  • * Solve disputes between children to the extent you can handle. Cases that require the intervention of teachers/coordinator/director should be brought to their attention.
  • * Responsible for the safety of the childrens’ group allotted to you throughout the day.
  • * Supervise children during lunch time and supervise their cleaning of the area after lunch.
  • * Serve snacks to children.
  • * Help organize games and other sports for children.
  • * Telephone and front desk coverage.
  • * Promote a fun, positive, and inspiring camp experience for all.

The general camp day is from 8 am-5:30 pm (or 8:30 am – 6 pm), five days a week for four weeks.

Please direct any questions to