Our Vedanta teachers serve the world dedicatedly and tirelessly, always keeping in line with Swami Chinmayananda’s Vision and Mission.
  1. Introduction to Vedanta – This book is written by a scientist who asks very fundamental questions about life and its very purpose. It introduces the philosophy of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, in a way to appeal to a rational intellect. 
  2. Journey Beyond: A Non-Dual Approach. Three volumes. – The journey beyond space and time limitations is the central theme of the discussions in this text. The analysis is presented in the form of discussions.
  3. Transcending Science – This book deals with the limitations of the objective sciences.  It also discusses how to prepare the mind so that it can see the truth. 
  4. Self and the Supreme – The evolution of the Self to become one with the Supreme forms the essence of this book.