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Summer immersion camp 2020

Camp Locations:

Chinmaya Mission conducts camps at three different locations. Please click on respective camp links for schedule, camp fee and other details for the camp location your are interested in signing up.

Jun 15 – Jul 10, 2020 Jul 13 – Aug 7, 2020 June 29 – July 17, 2020
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Chinmaya Somnath
Chantilly, VA
Silver Spring, MD
Chinmaya Frederick, MD


Camp Overview:

The Chinmaya Mission Summer Camp (SC) offers children a summer time filled with fun and learning led by a strong team of Acharyas (teachers) from all over the world. Here are some of the activities the children enjoy during the Summer Camp –

  • Chanting, Shlokas and Bhajans
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Athletics
  • Inspiring Stories from Scriptures
  • Dance and Drama
  • Fun Fridays

Camp Objectives:

Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of our children, imparting to them our ancient eternal wisdom, values and culture. At the same time, the Summer Camp creates awareness of excellence in studies and allows them to discover the excitement of summer time through fun, play and creativity.

Field Trips/Camp Finale: On the first three Fridays, there will be field Trips/special activities. There will be a camp finale on the last Friday of the camp.

Dress Code:

  1. Clothes: Two T-shirts will be provided as part of the registration. Additional T-shirts can be purchased of necessary.If shorts are used, they should be longer and come up to the knees. For girls, leggings must be worn underneath skirts and skirts should be knee length or below. Please use the following sizing guide to order your T-shirts
  2. Shoes: Only closed toed shoes are to be worn.
  3. Swimsuits: For swim days, modest one piece bathing suits for girls and modest trunks for boys must be worn. No jammers allowed.
Sizes Width (in) Length (in) Sleeve Center Back (in)
Youth-XS 16 20.5 13.5
Youth-S 17 22 14.5
Youth-M 18 23.5 15.5
Youth-L 19 25 16.5
Youth-XL 20 26.5 17.5
Adult-S 18 28 15.63
Adult-M 20 29 17
Adult-L 22 30 18.5
Adult-XL 24 31 20

What to bring

  1. Extra clothing for Grade 1 and 2 camp students: Please send a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag with their name on the bag and each individual item.
  2. Yoga Towel: A towel with the name of the child must be brought on the first day of camp for yoga. This towel will be stored at the school for the duration of the camp.
  3. Spout Water Bottle: All children must bring a water bottle with a spout to camp. This is especially important as the children will spend time outdoors. All bottles must be labeled with the child’s name.
  4. Lunch and snacks: Please see Food Policy/Restrictions below
    Please label all your child’s belongings including lunch bags and containers with their name.

What not to bring

  1. Due to storage/space constraints please do not send any additional bags/backpacks to camp.
  2. Camp students are not permitted to carry/use Cell Phones and Mobile Communication Devices. Use of such devices in the center is restricted and any violation will result in the confiscation of the device.
    Please refer to the appendix for details

Food policy/restrictions:

  1. Prayer before Meal: Children will be asked to pray before lunch. Parents are advised to follow the same practice at home before each meal.
  2. Each child will bring his/her own nut-free, egg-free, gelatin-free, vegetarian lunch pack, which does not require any heating.
  3. Two nut-free, egg-free, gelatin-free, vegetarian snacks must also be brought from home.
  4. All beverages including water in a bottle with a spout must be provided.

Hygiene: CMWRC has established procedures for proper hand washing and these procedures will be fully implemented during the Summer Camp.

Behavior Expectations and Responsibility:

Camp students are responsible for their actions.

Respect: Camp students must respect themselves, youth volunteers, other camp students and adults, camp equipment and facilities, and the environment.

Caring and Cooperation: Camp students will show kindness to their fellow camp students and adults and abide by camp rules.

Honesty: Honesty will be the basis of all camp interactions.