Geeta for Daily Living is a weekly podcast by Nilkanth ‘Neil’ Bhatt which distills the wisdom of the Bhagavad Geeta (Bhagavad Gītā) and presents it in a way that is action-able and relevant to daily life.

Neil Bhatt is the Co-Director of the Richmond Chapter of CMWRC along with his wife Mina Bhatt. He studied Bhagavad Geeta and Upanishads under the tutelage of Swami Chinmayananda. Neil has taught regular weekly classes in Vedantic Philosophy for adults and youth since 1984 in various cities in USA. He is frequently invited to give lectures on Bhagavad Geeta at various organizations and universities. His lectures combine abstract philosophical concepts with tangible scientific and cultural facts in a logical manner to make them easy to understand useful for self-development. He is a very engaging speaker and a very popular teacher.