For the Academic Year 2023-24, families will have the option to make their Family Membership, and Bala Vihar registration payments in installments.

If you register prior to September 2023, the first installment payment will be collected immediately at the time of the registration, and the remaining four (4) will be scheduled for payment of the 15th of the month starting September 2023. This will ensure that the pledge amount will be tax deductible for the tax year 2023.

If you register in September or later, the installment payment scheduled will be adjusted to collect the pledge amount by December, 2023. For example, families registering in September and choosing the installment payment option, will pay in four (4) installments, in Oct will have three (3) installments and in November, two (2) installments.

Registration Instructions

Individual or Family Membership Pledge

Individual/Family membership with NO Bala Vihar Children$500
Family membership with ONE Child in Bala Vihar$800
Family membership with TWO OR MORE Children in Bala Vihar
(No additional cost for more than 2 children)
(E.g. Two Children – $1000; Three/Four Children – $1000)
No additional cost for Shishu Vihar children (0-3 years)

No additional cost for Amrita Vihar children (Special Education children 5-12 years)

[If family registering with only a Shishu Vihar child – Membership and Shishu Vihar is complimentaryRegistration – Choose the Shishu Vihar option within the Dashboard]

If family is registering with children in Shishu Vihar and Bala Vihar– Only Shishu Vihar is complimentary Registration – Choose the Bala Vihar option, and select Shishu Vihar for the Shishu Vihar child when registering for classes]
Student/Youth CHYK Registration (18-28 years only)
All other young adults referred to as Setukaris or CSK should register
normally like a family with no children in BV if applicable.
** Membership and Bala Vihar (Including Language, Shloka and Arts) Pledge is a tax deductable contribution

Enrichment Programs

Full Academic Year (September 2023 through June 2024)

Program (Members)First member of familyEach additional family member
(Hindi,Tamil &Telugu)
Language (Gujarati)$100.00$100.00
Language (Sanskrit for Adults)$100.00$100.00
Performing Arts
(Carnatic Music, Tabla, and Kuchipudi)
Yoga (Youth/Adult)$200.00$100.00
Chinmayi Rasa (Bhajan Class)$100.00$100.00
Program (Non-Members)First member of familyEach additional family member
Language (Hindi,Telugu)
$500.00 $400.00
Language (Gujarati) $200.00$100.00
Yoga (Youth/Adult) $500.00$400.00
All Language and Performing Arts Program classes (also known as Enrichment classess) are for children only unless specified otherwise.

Financial Assistance for Members: For families interested in CMWRC programs, but unable to satisfy pledge requirements, Please apply for financial assistance with Chapter Director and the request for assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Registration Instructions

Make an offering of gratitude (Arpanam) to get complimentary membership along with many other benefits

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