Bala Vihar is a weekly gathering of children (Preschool to Grade 12) under the supervision of trained teachers. The aim of Bala Vihar is to help children bloom, grow, and inculcate values through fun-filled activities. Bala Vihar enhances the overall development of the personality of a child at all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Please Note: Saturday AM and Sunday AM sessions are in person and Sunday PM session is online only.

Registration Instructions | Membership Details

Children are a major focus at Chinmayam. The goal of Bala Vihar is to “wake up the sleeping giant” in our children and inspire them to reach their maximum potential by imparting a value-based education through a specially designed age appropriate curriculum.

The Bala Vihar program offers weekly spiritual classes for children in their formative school years (Pre K to 12). The classes are organized by age groups, start and end with Sanskrit prayers, and include chanting, bhajans, stories of devotion and morals, interactive discussions, and creative games.

The sessions are of approximately 90 minutes duration including the common assembly time, and are based on specially designed curriculum.

The idea is to provide an environment where the personality of the child blossoms in a spontaneous way. Good conduct, emotional refinement, intellectual finesse, social responsibility and spiritual awareness are developed by the teachers through story-telling from the Puranas and other scriptures, singing of bhajans, chanting of stotrams, games, arts and crafts, plays and other fun-filled activities. The children are encouraged to be responsible, alert and sensitive members of society.

Swami Chinmayananda believed that just as the strength of a wall depended on the quality of each brick, so too, the health of a society depended on the individuals. If the individuals are healthy, the society is healthy. His strategy for building a new society was to “Catch ’em young,” and that is what we are trying to accomplish at Chinmayam.

Chinmayam also offers additional classes and activities besides the regular Bala Vihar classes to help the children blossom and develop their multi-faceted talents.

The senior Balavihar classes provide a forum for youth where they are provided an opportunity to discuss, debate and understand the logic of our religion and its tenets and to become aware of their potential. After having gained this awareness, their potential is directed into creative channels. The high school students are encouraged to volunteer in community and social service activities. Additionally, different career choices are discussed along with what it takes to be a professional in those disciplines. The aim of these classes is to prepare today’s youth to be responsible and successful adults of tomorrow.

The annual session runs from August to May, parallel to the regular school calendar.

Registration Instructions | Membership Details

Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit. The seed of spiritual values should be sown in young hearts, and the conditions made favorable for sprouting and steady growth through proper control and discipline. It must be cared for with the warmth of love and affection, and such a tree shall blossom forth flowers of brotherhood, universal love, peace, bliss, beauty, and perfection.

Swami Chinmayananda
From the youngest Ati-Madhuram class to the Chinmayam class for high school youngsters, all Bala Vihar children participate in a variety of activities. The grade in which the child is enrolled in his/her school, is the basis for placement in the appropriate Bala Vihar class.

Session 1SaturdayIN PERSON9:45 am – 11:30 am
Session 2SundayIN PERSON9:45 am – 11:30 am
Session 3SundayONLINE ONLY1:15 pm – 3:00 pm

We offer three identical Bala Vihar sessions. While registering, please provide your first and second choice of session preferences. If your first choice session is full, you are offered your second choice session. 

Chinmaya Mission reserves the right to accept or reject admission and session assignment requests. We recommend early registration to secure admission.

Important Notes For Parents!

We expect all children to follow these rules of conduct!

Every family, whether with children or without, whether an existing member or a new applicant for membership, is required to register (please check these helpful instructions) using the Online Registration System. A child may not be enrolled without his/her parent’s enrollment and participation in the Adult Classes. Please note that at least one parent is required to attend the Adult Class while the children are in Bala Vihar. Children CANNOT be left at the Mission premises without a parent.

To participate in the  Bala Vihar program, students should be entering grades Pre-K to 12. Pre-K students should be toilet trained and at least three years old as of September 1, enrolling year.

Please register early to increase the likelihood of being assigned to your first-choice session. Admission and session assignment will be confirmed to you by early August.

Only children enrolled in Bala Vihar are eligible to enroll in Performing Arts and Language classes. Students must be at least 6 years of age as of September of the current enrolling year. Registered adult members can enroll in select Performing Arts classes subject to availability of seats after admitting children. Select Language and Performing Arts classes are available for enrollment for non-members as well. Click here for more details on membership and eligibility.

Chinmaya Mission reserves the right to accept or reject admission requests. For admission and session assignment, we recommend early registration. Session assignment is on a first-come basis and subject to capacity limitations (class sizes, Hall Capacity, Parking Lot Capacity, etc.)

Books can be bought through book stores at the Chinmaya Mission centers. In some cases books can be ordered through Chinmayam Publications website.

For cancellations of registrations on or before October 7, full refund of the pledge amount will be given. The Mission will not refund any credit card processing fee incurred by the registrant. A family canceling membership after October 7 will not be entitled to any refund of the pledges paid. For late registrants after October 7, they will have 15 days from the date of registration for cancellation with 50% refund. Thereafter, no refund will be made.

The family’s contact information provided to the Mission will be used only for internal purposes. If any of this information is to be used in flyers, websites or other publicity material, we will do so only with your permission.From time to time, for publicity purposes, CMWRC will publish photos of members taken at different Mission sessions or events, without identifying the members. If we have to identify the members, we will do so only with your prior permission.

Sevaks (volunteers) are critical to the operation of the chapter and programs.  Chinmaya Mission is a volunteer run organization. Every member is highly encouraged to serve the mission in their area of interests, based on their skills and expertise.  Selfless dedicated service is the foundation for spiritual growth.  Any amount of time and commitment offered in seva is welcome.

When registering, please ensure that you provide a current and accurate e-mail address. Please login and update information promptly if there is any change to your contact e-mail or home address. Most communications between CMWRC and its members, including weather- related cancellations, are handled via e-mail.

Need further help? Click here to contact our Membership Team!

Since we are still amidst the Pandemic, while the calendar will be followed for most events there may be changes as we progress
into the year. Please follow the weekly announcements for the updates.

Day/DateEventLead Sevaks
Sunday August 29, 2021Sri Krishna Janmashtami 
Urvi Mehta
Saturday and Sunday, September
11-12, 2021
(Ganesh Chaturthi Friday September
Ganesh Puja and Bala Vihar Open House by SessionMeena Shankar and BV Coordinators
Saturday, September 18th. Virtual. New Member OrientationSrikanth Nallani
Saturday & Sunday, September 18-19,
Language and Performing Arts Open HouseAnil Kishore
Saturday October 2nd and Sunday 3rd
(Begins Oct 6th Dussehra on 14th)
BV Common time celebration for Navaratri/DussehraChetana Neerchal
October 2nd, 2021Bala Vihar Teachers Meeting-1Sudiksha Nimishe,
BV Coordinators
Saturday, Sunday, October 9th, 10th 2021
Traditionally a picnic day. Maybe an opportunity to those who would like to
meet for a safe in-person gathering outdoors.
Optional virtual Field trip/picnic day (No Swamiji’s classes that weekend)

Save this weekend to Join Vilasiniji and Vivekji for the Divya Shakti Retreat for all ladies 18 and older at Chinmaya Somnath.
More details will be shared with the teachers/students later.

Look for the Divya Shakti retreat details in the announcement.
Saturday October 30 and Sunday 31stBV common time celebration for DiwaliChetana Neerchal
Saturday, November 6thSaturday, November 6thPriti Mehta and Paulomi Nanavati
November 13th, 2021 at Chinmaya SomnathAnnual fundraiserUday Nanavaty
Saturday & Sunday,
November 27-November 28, 2021
Thanksgiving Weekend
No Bala Vihar, Language, Arts
Holiday Weekend,
NO BV classes
December 4th from 12:00-1:00Bala Vihar Teachers Meeting-2Sudiksha Nimishe,
BV Coordinators
December 5th, Time: 5:00 pmHindi DiwasSavita Verma Nigam
December 4th, 5th and December 11th,12thChinmayam class students reflecting on Bhagavad Gita VersesChinmayam teachers. Email
coordination by Vikas Bector
December 14th, TuesdayGita, Tapovan Jayanti
Gita Jayanti
December 18th, 19thBuffer day for missed participants for
BG verses
Chinmayam teachers. Email
coordination by Vikas Bector
Saturday & Sunday, December 25-26,2021, January 1-2, 2022Winter Holiday Weekend
No Bala Vihar, Language, Arts
Holiday Weekend, NO BV classes
Saturday, January 1, 2022, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PMNew Year’s Day Puja
Vishnu Sahasra-Namavali Puja
Guru Paduka Puja
Need a new lead
Saturday & Sunday, January 8, 9, 2022Bala Vihar common-time celebrating –
Makara Sankranti
Chetana Neerchal
Date TBD BV Teachers MeetingBala Vihar Teachers Meeting-3Sudiksha Nimishe, BV Coordinators
Saturday & Sunday, January 22-23,2022Bala Vihar Parent Teacher Conferences
Language Parent Teacher Conferences
BV coordinators, Sudiksha
Saturday and Sunday February 19th and 20th, 2022BV Teachers recognition during common timeSudiksha Nimishe
Saturday & Sunday, February 26-27, 2022BV Teachers common time celebration of Maha ShivratriChetana Neerchal
Monday, February 28th, 2022Mahashivaratri CelebrationAndrea Beri
March 5th, Saturday, 2022,
12 PM -5 PM Alternate day: March 12th
BV Teachers Annual RetreatSudiksha, BV coordinators
Date March 19,20: 1:00-5:00 PMChinmayam Geeta Chanting
Radha Kowtha
Saturday and Sunday, April 2, 3 2022BV Common Time Celebration for Rama-NavamiChetana Neerchal
April 2-10th.
(Sunday, April 10th is Shri
Shri Ram Navami, Ramcharitmanas
Rita Kishore, Devyani Kavathekar,
Savita Nigam
Saturday & Sunday, April 16, 17,2022Spring Break Weekend
No Bala Vihar, Language, Arts
Holiday Weekend, NO BV Classes
Saturday April 16th, 2022
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Hanuman JayantiNaidu Karri and Srilakshmi
Shri Adi Shankara Jayanti common time celebration on Saturday and Sunday,
April 30th and May 1st.
(Thursday May 5th is the actual date)
Shri Adi Sankara Jayanti during common timePrabha Maruvada, Vaishali Amin
Saturday and Sunday, May 7, May 8, 2022BV Common time celebration – Chinmaya Jayanti (Gurudev’s BirthdayChetana Neerchal
Sunday, May 8th, 2022
Evening program
Chinmaya Jayanti Guru Paduka Pooja
And cultural programs by families.
Devyani Kavathekar
Saturday and Sunday, May 7th and May 8thMother’s Day celebration during common timeSession coordinator + Chetana Neerchal?
Saturday, Sunday, May
14th and 15th 2022
Bala Vihar common time
Geeta Chanting Trophies
Radha Kowtha
Saturday May 14th 12:00-2:00Session I Rehearsal (For performing BV classes)BV coordinators
Sunday May 15th, 12:00-2:00Session II Rehearsal (For performing BV classes)BV coordinators
Sunday May 15th, 3:00-5:00Session III Rehearsal (For performing BV classes)BV coordinators
Date TBD BV Teachers MeetingBV Teacher’s Meeting – 4Sudiksha Nimishe, BV Coordinators
Saturday May 21, 2022 at 3 PmCMWRC Graduation & Tilak CeremonyChetana Neerchal
Saturday & Sunday, May 28-29, 2022Memorial Day Weekend
No Bala Vihar, Language, Arts
Holiday weekend
Saturday, 4th June, 2022
12:00 -2:00 PM
Bala Vihar ROUND 1 Class
Round2 Rehearsals
Session I Rehearsal (For performing BV classes)
BV Coordinators
Saturday, 5th June, 3:00 to 5:00 PMSession II Rehearsal (For performing BV classes)BV Coordinators
Sunday, 5th June 3:30PM-5:30 PMSession III rehearsals for BV classesBV Coordinators
Saturday & Sunday, June 11th, 12th, 2022Bala Vihar ROUND 2 Class
Performances –Round 2 in all Sessions
BV Coordinators
(Concluding Weekend of BV)
Saturday, 6/11 from 1:30-3:30 PMLanguage Annual DayAnil Kishore
Since we are still amidst the Pandemic, while the calendar will be followed for most events there may be changes as we progress
into the year. Please follow the weekly announcements for the updates.
Chinmayam Chapter Bala Vihar Calendar 2021-22