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The Chinmaya Mahasamadhi Aradhana Family Camp is an auspicious time when Chinmaya families from across North America gather to celebrate the glory and vision of Swami Chinmayananda. The 2024 Mahasamadhi Aradhana camp is very special as it will occur during the 108th Birth Year of Swami Chinmayananda. Swami Chinmayananda is the embodiment of Infinite Bliss (Ānandam), Enthusiasm (Utsāham), and Sweetness (Madhuram). Let’s revel in His glory and experience Chinmaya Mahima.

The 31st Chinmaya Mahasamadhi Aradhana Family Camp will be held in the Washington DC Area from July 29, 2024 to August 3, 2024.

Please email us at msc2024registration@chinmayadc.org for any questions related to sponsorship/ Tax deductible eligible sponsorship amounts/Corporate Match eligibility amounts.

 Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Rockville, MD 20852

This is a residential camp. Everyone is expected to stay in the hotel. Registration fee includes lodging and boarding for the duration of the camp. For people driving to the venue, parking is included.

Camp Registration Fees:

Registration Categories(includes hotel room accommodation)Early Bird Rates (till 03/03/2024)Regular Rates(From 03/04/2024)
Family/SIngle Room OccupancyLodging:
$960 for the hotel room
Add Each Adult – $950
Add Each Senior (75+) – $650
Add Each CHYK – $650
Add Each BV Child – $150
$960 for the hotel room
Add Each Adult – $1125
Add Each Senior (75+)- $750
Add Each CHYK – $750
Add Each BV Child – $350
Shared Room Occupancy(Double Adult Occupancy)$1430 per Adult*$1605 per Adult*
Shared Room Occupancy(Double CHYK Occupancy)$1130 per CHYK*$1230 per CHYK*
Shared Room Occupancy(Quad CHYK Occupancy)$890 per CHYK*$990 per CHYK*
*Hotel+Registration dues

Definitions for Registration Categories:

  • Family Room – All members of a family stay in the same room. Also, you can choose this option for adult, senior or CHYK individual attendees who do not want to share the room. The maximum room occupancy is 4 people. If you need to book more than one room, you need to register for each room separately.
  • Shared Room – Option for an adult or CHYK willing to share the room with others who they may not know (you can specify the preference for roommates on next page). You will be registering only one adult or CHYK with this option.
  • Age Groups:
    • Seniors (75+) – Born on or before September 1, 1949
    • Adults (31-74) – Born between September 1, 1949 and August 31, 1994
    • CHYK (18-30) – Born between September 1, 1994 and August 31, 2006
    • BV Child  (4-17) – Born between September 1, 2006 and August 31, 2020
    • Children 3 and below – born after September 1, 2020
      • They will attend for free with their parents but will not be allowed in any discourses. Please let us know if you will need babysitting arrangements. These will be available to those who reserve it (additional cost may apply). 

Cancellations & Refunds:

  • All requests for cancellations and refund must be sent via email to msc2024registration@chinmayadc.org
  • Full refund for cancellations until April 30, 2024.
  • May 1 – June 30, 2024 – 50% refund for each adult/senior/CHYK, full refund for accompanying child.
  • July 1, 2024 onward- no cancellation allowed; all payments including child registration will be forfeited.
  • We will process your request for cancellations as soon as possible.
  • During the camp dates of July 29th to August 3rd, hotel accommodation is included in the registration fees.
  • If you would like to extend your stay to enjoy the DC area further, special accommodation rates will be available a few days before and after the camp. Please book additional dates directly with the hotel

Offering bhiksha is an act of reverence, worship and an expression of gratitude. During the bhiksha, families will have time to revel in the blessed presence of Pujya Swami Swaroopanandaji and interact with Swamiji in a relaxed atmosphere.

Offer Bhiksha to Swami Swaroopananda

 Bhiksha Categories – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

$501.00 per Biksha Offerring

(Limited Spots Available)

Become  A Sponsor for 31st Chinmaya Mahasamadhi Camp

It is a great privilege and opportunity to pay homage to Pujya Gurudev and His mission by being a sponsor. Various sponsorships are available as detailed below.

Major Sponsorship Categories

Pramukh Yajamān

 Hotel Room

Special Reserved Seating for all events

Registration fee waived for up to 4 Registrants

Special Momento

Join for One Bhiksha with Swami Swaroopananda

Satsang with Swami Dheerananda (one evening)

Group Satsang with Swami Swaroopananda

Saha Yajamān

Hotel Room

Special Reserved Seating for all events

Registration fee waived for up to 2 Registrants

Special Momento

Join for One Bhiksha with Swami Swaroopananda

Satsang with Swami Dheerananda (one evening)

Group Satsang with Swami Swaroopananda


Reserved special seating for all the events

Satsang with Swami Dheerananda(one evening)

Group Satsang with Swami Swaroopananda

Dainik Yajamān

Reserved special seating for all the events

Satsang with Swami Dheerananda(one evening)

Group Satsang with Swami Swaroopananda

Sponsor for Swami/

Satsang with Swami Dheerananda (one evening)

Satsang with the Swamin/Bramacharin that you sponsored (with the exception of Swami Swaroopananda)

Group Satsang with Swami Swaroopananda

Other Sponsorships

Sponsorship CategoryAmount
Chinmaya Anna Kshetra Sponsor (offered to honor a departed loved one, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion)Various categories available 
Annadanam Sponsor$1001.00,  $2501.00,  $5001.00,  $10,001.00
Paduka Puja(sponsor on one of the days between  July 30th – Aug 2nd)$251
Pushpaka(Sponsor flower for one day between  July 30th – Aug 2nd)$251
Aarti(performed once a day after evening lecture)$101/per Aarti

“If one offers to Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or even water, I delightfully accept that article offered by the pure-minded with devotion.”

The Bhagavad Geeta | Chapter 9, Verse 26
Guided by

Swami Swaroopananda

Swami Swaroopananda is the Global Head of Chinmaya Mission. The mantle of this important responsibility draped his shoulders from 19 January 2017, when Swami Tejomayananda passed on the baton to him. He chairs Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT), the apex governing body of Chinmaya Mission Centres and Trusts the world over. He is the Chancellor of Chinmaya University (Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth) and Chairman of Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore, one of the most well-respected and well-performing residential schools of India.

Swami Shantananda

Swami Shantananda is the resident Swamiji of Chinmaya Mission in New Jersey and the President of Chinmaya Mission West, which oversees all centers in the USA. He also guides Chinmaya Ganapati Center in Minneapolis.
Swami Shantanandaji is well known for his unparalleled devotion to Lord Krishna and for his absolute devotion to his Guru, Swami Chinmayanandaji.

Swami Dheerananda

Swami Dheerananda is an ardent devotee and disciple of Swami Chinmayananda. He was placed as the Resident Swamiji in Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center (CMWRC) by Swami Chinmayananda in the year 1989. Swami Dheerananda is the last disciple directly initiated into Sannyasa by Swami Chinmayananda, receiving Sannyasa Diksha on May 23, 1993. Today, he oversees and guides the activities of CMWRC. Under Swamiji’s leadership CMWRC has grown from one chapter and a handful of families to five chapters and more than a thousand families across the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Swami Ishwarananda

Swami Ishwarananda is the resident Swamiji at Chinmaya Mission Los Angeles and guiding Swamiji of Chinmaya Mission Seattle. Swamiji is presently one of the Directors of Chinmaya Mission West (CMW) which oversees the activities in North America. An accomplished master of Vedanta philosophy, Swamiji explains the universality of spiritual teachings in a simplified manner for audiences to grasp and for seekers to implement teachings in day-to-day living.

Swami Aparajitananda

Swami Aparajitananda in his poorvaashram, was an Electronics and Communication Engineer. After working in Bangalore as a lecturer in an Engineering College for five years, he resigned from the job to study the Indian scriptures in depth. After undergoing an intense training in Sandeepany Sadhanalaya at Mumbai for two years, Swamiji
joined Chinmaya Mission as a full time Acharya. In the year 2018, on the Maha Shivaratri day, Swamiji was given Sannyasa Deeksha. Swamiji has served the Mission centres of Karnataka in Bangalore, Mysore and Shimoga. Right now, he is serving the Chicago Chinmaya mission.

Swami Prakashananda

Resident Spiritual Head Chinmaya Mission Trinidad & Tobago
During His tenure as a young college student at the York University of Toronto, a fortuitous meeting occurred when Swami Prakashananda attended lectures on Hindu Philosophy conducted by none other than our Pūjya Gurudev Swami Chinmayānanda. Swami Prakashananda recently completed a tour of the Caribbean teaching Sri Ram Charit Manas.

Swami Sharanananda

Swami Sharanananda hails from Puri in Orissa. Being inspired by Pujya Gurudev H.H. Swami Chinmayanandji, he joined the two-year brahmachari training course in Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai, in the year 1986.  Because of Swamiji’s dedication to Pujya Gurudev and his selfless service to Chinmaya Mission Chicago, the center has not only thrived, but has expanded to serve the spiritual needs of many neighboring communities.

Brahmacharini Shubhani Chaitanya

Brni. Shubhani Chaitanya is a disciple of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. Born in Manila, bred in New York and built in Bharat, she has grown through Chinmaya Mission as a Bala Vihar child, a dynamic CHYK (Chinmaya Yuva Kendra) and now a Brahmacharini posted in Chinmaya Mission New York.

Brahmacharini Stuti Chaitanya

Brahmacharini Stuti Chaitanya has been exposed to scriptural teaching since her formative years. Her family actively participated in the spiritual engagements at the local community Mandir, and frequently conducted satsaṅga-s throughout the country.

Brahmachari Hari Chaitanya

Br.Hari Chaitanya was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Brahmachari Hari Chaitanya has been associated with CMDFW since he was a Kindergartener at Chinmaya Saaket. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Texas at Dallas and was an active member of CHYK Dallas. He is now posted in Dallas center

For inquiries, email us at msc2024registration@chinmayadc.org

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