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Mānava Seva is Mādhava Seva

Covid-19 relief initiatives via the “Each One Reach One” campaign.

Our Chinmaya Mission family from around the world has continued their wholehearted support for the cause.
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CCMT Health Front Support

It gives us great joy to share an update of the Covid Relief measures implemented by CCMT to overcome the crisis on the health front. This was made possible by the unstinted support we received from the global Chinmaya Mission family.

We were able to reach vital medical supplies to various organizations and frontline workers that have been relentlessly working to contain the flow of the Coronavirus. More details on the work on the ground can be accessed from the link below.

Each One Reach One Continues

Through various organizations and frontline workers, we have maintained a supply of vital medical materials to hospitals and Covid-19 centers in the direct line of action. More details of the disbursement of supplies can be accessed from the second report.

Local Initiatives by Various Chinmaya Mission Centers

Recent press reports have been consistently reporting a downturn of the Coronavirus curve in many states of India. However, despite this heartening news, we cannot afford to let down our guard. Covid-19 relief initiatives by CCMT, under the aegis of “Each One Reach One”, continue unabated.

We are happy to share an update on the support offered by the Chinmaya Mission family, made possible by a surge of compassion and selfless service. Members across the world have continued to contribute in whichever way possible – with prayers, time, materials, and finances.

Our various Centers have been giving of themselves in different ways to their cities, their towns, their communities, fulfilling the need of the hour with supplies of vital medical materials to hospitals and Corona centers. The link below provides details of the disbursement of supplies, thus far.

Reaching out to the Various States In India

Global Chinmaya Mission family members have locked hands and risen as one body, in their wholehearted support to the cause. The compassion shown towards the suffering of those affected is indeed heartening. It is this kindness and open-hearted approach that has made it possible for the outreach to be expanded. To get a glimpse of the recent activities carried out, take a look at the COVID-19 Report.

Each One Reach One Campaign in Remote Rural Areas

Each One Reach One’ has impacted thousands of lives, in even remote rural areas where connectivity is a challenge. The line from the Chinmaya Mission Pledge, “Giving more than what we take,” has resounded in metros and rural hamlets alike. This would not have been possible without all the generous support from across the world. As for the Sevaks of Chinmaya Mission, they have served as an army with courage and discipline, relentlessly delivering food, equipment, and medicines where required. The numbers available in the report, which can be accessed from the link below, speak volumes for their commitment. Do share it with all.

Reaching out to the Beneficiaries

Chinmaya Mission is happy to share that the COVID-19 relief work under the ‘Each One Reach One initiative has reached over 5.6 lakh (560,000) beneficiaries across 20 states in 63 towns/cities.

Special coverage provided by Times of India (New Delhi Edition – 17 Sept 2021) on page 9