Chinmaya Vani

A variety of books written by Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Tejomayananda and other Vedanta Teachers are available at Chinmaya Vani. Our book store also carries various digital publications such as DVD’s of Gurudev’s talks, various audio recordings, Bhajan CD’s etc. for sale.

Chinmaya Vani has a warm and wonderful children’s corner, a special section for CDs and DVDs, and various categorical displays such as best-sellers, self-improvement, inspirational and devotional with an emphasis on imparting Vedantic knowledge to all individuals in society.

Where are we located?

We are on the left side once you enter from the main door into the Chinmaya Somnath building.

Popular publications

Mananam Series

Bhagavad Geeta DVDs

Gurudev’s commentary on Bhagavad Geeta

Reading Room Facility

Children can also enjoy Bala Vihar monthly magazines and other periodicals while waiting or spending quiet time at Chinmaya Somnath. Adults can enjoy a wide range of spiritual literature. These books are in the Reading Room/Teacher’s lounge located in the lower level.

NOTE: These books are not for borrowing but strictly to read in the Reading room. If you wish to have your own copy of the Bala Vihar or Tapovan Prasad periodical, you can subscribe at the Publication website.


Members can check out periodical publications as well as books on Vedanta, Hinduism, Yoga, and other scriptures, and return on completion.

The library of Chinmaya Somnath is a free service for registered Bala Vihar students. We have variety of books collections for the children. The books includes Panchatantra series, Vikram series and various other books covering Indian mythological and non Mythological stories. And stories on great leaders, patriots, kings and kingdoms. Children will learn cultural values from the stories.

Due to high demand, currently we allow children to borrow books for one week and renew for additional one week. We encourage all Bala Vihar students to take advantage of this valuable resources. If you have any questions please email us at!

Please note, for late and overdue books, we collect $1.00 for each overdue week. All the funds collected from the overdue fees are used to add more books to the inventory.

The library is managed and organized by Chinmaya Mission Sevaks. Our team currently has 5 active sevaks.

Man is the roof and crown of creation. He may be tossed about by uncertain storms of life, but the solution to it lies in his own efforts in finding an ideal, and then raising his personality, from the level of petty emotions, to the loftier heights of the chosen ideal.

— Swami Chinmayanada