Our facility rental program is designed to serve our community by providing space for your various needs. Our facility has a serene and spiritual ambience with an auditorium, a dedicated audio/visual system, dining area, kitchen, several class rooms and activity rooms.

The Facility

Amenities & Rental Space

Event Rentals are available for

Annual Days, Birthday Parties

Arangetram, Marriages & Anniversaries

Cultural Events, Spiritual Programs

Upanayana & Other Hindu Samskaras, Family Gatherings

Business Luncheons, Meetings

Presentations & Retreats, Educational Programs

Chinmaya Somnath Learning Center

Chinmaya Missions Long term rental program is coordinated by Chinmaya Somnath Learning Center (CSLC). Long term rentals are assessed to provide enrichment programs for personal development and value education. Classes are offered for children and adults.  We provide an ideal environment for integrated physical, intellectual and spiritual development.  The Chinmaya Somnath Learning Center brings the surrounding community together to inspire personality transformation and growth.  With an amazing facility as a one-stop shop, we offer high-quality experience for all students.

Classroom Rentals are available for


Performing & Visual Arts (Classical forms – no Bollywood) 

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

STEM / Robotics

Language Classes

SAT/ ACT Prep Classes